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Becky “Jane” and Angie “Lou” grew up in the food service industry and both developed a passion for pastries, especially Marshmallow Treats. They worked together in the kitchen to develop our rich buttery Crispy Treats using only the best ingredients, real marshmallows and creamery butter; no short cuts then, and no shortcuts now.  Their commitment to quality has given Janey Lou’s recognition as the premier bakery for Crispies, Brownies and of course our signature Peanut Butter Bar. 

Janey Lou’s now supplies 100+ products, including frozen doughs and pre-packaged sweets, to food service professionals in Grocery, Retail and Restaurant locations. We employ some of the most technologically advanced baking equipment anywhere and our products are still each individually handled by our exceptional bakers for superior quality and taste.

Our Vision

Our vision extends to be the most valued supplier in the Retail, Foodservice and Grocery markets for all things Bakery. We constantly strive to refine what we do and how we do it. Our expert staff and cutting edge technology combine to make us the best choice to improve and create your customized foodservice program. Whether you are a large chain or small, one location store we are here to help from concept to market.


Brief History of Our Company


Becky Jane Barney and Angie Lou Fillmore begin making Peanut Butter Bars and Rice Krispy Treats out of a family owned restaurant and selling to a few Convenience Stores.


Gain growing C-store market and add 18 Walker’s locations.


Business begins to boom, and Janey Lou’s begin working with a distributor.


Increased demand means Janey Lou’s must move their production facility out of the restaurant and onto a bigger site.

March, 2005

Coremark shows interest in Janey Lou’s products and philosophy and begin expanding the business to Maverik stores.


Ever increasing business means an increase in distributors and again, another need to move to a bigger facility.  This time to Spanish Fork, UT.


Janey Lou’s buys a local Maverik distributor and expands the production line from Peanut Butter Bars and Crispy Treats to the frozen dough market.  Production of muffins, cookies, bagels, and breads commences.


Once again Janey Lou’s outgrows the facilities and moves to a 45,000 square foot facility in Salt Lake City, UT.


Growing with each passing year Janey Lou’s now has 75+ product lines and continues to innovate.

25Food service Associates
1100Satisfied customers