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Cream Cheese Icing

Classic cream cheese icing specially made to top Janey Lou's sweet rolls. World class rolls made perfect by the best cream cheese topping.


Classy sophisticated delicious white icing. Perfect for cookies or cinnamon rolls.

Lemon Tart

Feeling sassy? Feeling like your cookies need a little kick? Why not try Lemon Tart Icing?

Pink Buttercream

Enjoy life through rose colored glasses, or cookies, or any treat for that matter! Janey Lou's rich luscious buttercream recipe, but in pink!

Chocolate Buttercream

Luscious Chocolate Buttercream Icing, ready to top cookies, brownies, or any other treat you may want to indulge in. The best things in life are simple, and topped with Chocolate!!

Donut Holes

Let these bite sized morsels, make you HOLE again! Ready to go when you are!

Donut Twist Sticks

Hugs represent love, and what better way to express our love of donut dough, than in a dough hug? Also known as a twist stick.

Donut Triangles

Don't be a square, or round for that matter! TRI our Janey Lou's Donut Triangles, just like regular donuts, but triple the sides!