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This fall treat has become a year-round staple, at least in our house. Join Janey Lou's kitchen in welcoming this perfect pumpkin pleasure!


Creamery butter, brown sugar, and imported Korintje cinnamon make this cookie Sugar/Snickerdoodl-icious!!

Chocolate Chewy

Chewy moist chocolaty goodness, mmmmm is your mouth watering yet? It's amazing that this cookie stays in stock; a cookie lover's addiction!!

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter, real creamery butter, and brown sugar give this cookie a subtle but delightful taste and texture. Give it a try!

Crispy French Bread

Classic French bread with the finest ingredients no artificial colors or flavors.

Honeybee Roll

The sweet taste of natural honey and butter permeates our Honeybee Roll’s delicately layered dough. Butter and honey work in concert to bring out the natural sweetness of whole grains and give our roll a moist and fluffy texture.

Regular Crispy Treat

Real Creamery Butter and Real Marshmallows hand-mixed to ensure the sticky delicious goodness in this classic Crispy Treat.

Fruity Crispy Treat

Handfuls of vibrantly colored fruity cereal, real creamery butter and real marshmallows all hand-mixed in order to care for the ingredients makes for a perfect crunchy Crispy Treat.