Bakery Products

Asiago Ultimate

We use special high gluten flour, adding only natural ingredients and real Asiago cheese making this an Ultimate Bagel.

Plain Ultimate

All natural ingredients make this Ultimate bagel soft but chewy with just the right crust.

Onion Ultimate

Real diced onions add extra flavor to make this Ultimate bagel one that bagel lovers love.

Jalapeño Ultimate

You'll get a kick out of the real jalapeño pepper in this Ultimate bagel.

Cinnamon Raisin Ultimate

Combination all natural ingredients like high gluten flour, California raisins, and imported Korintje cinnamon.

11-Grain Ultimate

With eleven grains including red wheat, millet, barley, and flax this Ultimate bagel offers a great crunch.

Cheddar Cheese Ultimate

Soft and chewy Ultimate bagel with a strong cheddar cheese flavor.

Blueberry Ultimate

No short cuts, and real flavors such as Wild Maine blueberries and real malt make this the Ultimate bagel.

Very Berry Ultimate

Cranberry, raspberry and blueberry flavors provide this Ultimate bagel with a burst of berry tastes in each bite.

Caramel and Pecan Gourmet

This delicious cookie made with chewy caramel, fresh California pecans, real creamery butter and pure cane brown sugar leaves nobody indifferent.

Choc-O-Mac Gourmet

Take a taste of the tropics with this choice cookie. Fresh macadamia nuts, sweet coconut, and rich chocolate chips will carry you away to a paradisiacal island.

Chocolate Chewy

Chewy moist chocolaty goodness, mmmmm is your mouth watering yet? It's amazing that this cookie stays in stock; a cookie lover's addiction!!

Crunchy Peanut Butter Gourmet

The name says crunchy, but that is only the fresh peanuts talking, otherwise this moist cookie with a captivating crunch is a winner every time!

Dutchman’s Pre-Baked Sugar

The cookie that is taking the country by storm! Pre-baked so you can just thaw and bake. This is a great cookie for special occasions and holidays. Just add the appropriate colored Janey Lou's topping and decorate it individually.

Mini PB Cup Gourmet

Yet again, Janey Lou's has paired up an invincible duo, chocolate and peanut butter, to blow your mind with this titillating treat.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter, real creamery butter, and brown sugar give this cookie a subtle but delightful taste and texture. Give it a try!


This fall treat has become a year-round staple, at least in our house. Join Janey Lou's kitchen in welcoming this perfect pumpkin pleasure!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

Not just an autumnal treat, this cookie packed with sweet pumpkin and mouth-watering chocolate chips indulge mouths all year round.

Smores Gourmet

Imagine sitting around the campfire and enjoying a graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow snack, without having to put out a flaming marshmallow. This cookie recreates a classic, can I have Smore?


Creamery butter, brown sugar, and imported Korintje cinnamon make this cookie Sugar/Snickerdoodl-icious!!

Triple Chocolate Gourmet

Three times the chocolate, three times the temptation, don't resist, let your taste buds decide.

Unbaked Sugar Gourmet

Like our mothers used to tell us, Keep it Simple. This simple but delicious cookie is made with all of Janey Lou's TLC and the taste will prove it!

Classic Sweet ZTF

Zero Trans Fat, that's right, ZTF ensure our dedication to using high quality ingredients and staying away from Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs).

Old Fashioned

Cinnamon rolls should "unroll", right? If you agree then the Old Fashioned is your roll!


We believe this is the best cinnamon roll anywhere. Thin layers of dough and more of our special cinnamon smear made with imported Korintje cinnamon and pure cane brown sugar. It simply doesn't get better than this.

Cinnamon Roll RTO

Refrigerator-To-Oven, eliminates the proofing process, making it faster and easier to enjoy these delicious rolls.

Cinnamon Roll Gourmet

A true expression of gourmet, this roll unrolls easily and it's thin strips of dough layered with our very special Korintje cinnamon smear is the cinnamon roll that any connoisseur will delight in.

Orange Roll RTO

We do it right because we do it simply, by combining high quality ingredients in an artisan fashion. New Orange RTOs prove that, as Refrigerator-To-Oven makes it delicious and simple to bake.

Raspberry RTO

New Raspberry RTOs prove that simple and delicious is as easy as combining fine ingredients with expertly made Refrigerator-To-Oven dough.

Regular Crispy Treat

Real Creamery Butter and Real Marshmallows hand-mixed to ensure the sticky delicious goodness in this classic Crispy Treat.

Fruity Crispy Treat

Handfuls of vibrantly colored fruity cereal, real creamery butter and real marshmallows all hand-mixed in order to care for the ingredients makes for a perfect crunchy Crispy Treat.

Chocolate Candy Crispy Treat

Real Creamery Butter and Real Marshmallows hand-mixed with handfuls of chocolate candy leaves your mouth watering for this Crispy Treat.

Choc. Chip Caramel Pecan (Ghirardelli)

When you start with Ghirardelli cocoa, add chewy caramel, fresh California pecans and generous amounts of Ghirardelli chocolate chips, you're bound to get something really special

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bar

Another perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter translates to the most delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar in the world!

Frosted Peanut Butter Bar

The original! Along with the Regular Rice Crispy Treat this Frosted Peanut Butter Bar is what put Janey Lou's on the map. Always a favorite because it's made with the finest ingredients and pure love of our founders.

Crispy French Bread

Classic French bread with the finest ingredients no artificial colors or flavors.

Honeybee Roll

The sweet taste of natural honey and butter permeates our Honeybee Roll’s delicately layered dough. Butter and honey work in concert to bring out the natural sweetness of whole grains and give our roll a moist and fluffy texture.

Okole Rolls with Baking Trays

Our Hawaiian Island specialty now in an EZOven Tray. Upscale packaging, consistency, and simplification all in one tray!

Honeybee Rolls with Baking Trays

Our delicious Honeybee rolls now in an EZOven Tray. Thaw, proof, bake and retail all in one tray that provides uniform sizing and reliable baking!

Okole Rolls

Hawaiian sweet rolls with a hint of butter are incredibly moist and soft. Great as a dinner roll, sandwich roll or just butter and jam.

Onion Roll

Make your taste buds cry with joy, real onions and poppy seeds layered inside a soft sweet roll.