Bakery Products

Regular Crispy Treat

General Details

Real Creamery Butter and Real Marshmallows hand-mixed to ensure the sticky delicious goodness in this classic Crispy Treat.

We hand-mix our Crispies in order to create our straight-from-Mom’s-kitchen taste. We use Creamery Butter and Real Marshmallows,
but, we don’t use added corn syrup or fillers. You will taste the delicious gourmet difference in every bite!

Product Information

Janey Lou’s #: 3115960
Pack Size: 18/3.2 Oz
Shelf Life Frozen: 110
Shelf Life Prepared: 110
Net Weight: 3.6
Gross Weight: 4.1
Case Dimensions: 10.25 w 9.55 l 5 h


No Handling Required