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Dutchman’s Pre-Baked Sugar

General Details

The cookie that is taking the country by storm! Pre-baked so you can just thaw and bake. This is a great cookie for special occasions and holidays. Just add the appropriate colored Janey Lou's topping and decorate it individually.

First we add creamery butter and brown sugar. Next we add inclusions, such as chocolate chips, peanut butter, pecans, cinnamon. Finally, and as always, Janey Lou’s special touch.

Product Information

Janey Lou’s #: 1811001
Pack Size: 150
Size: 2.75 Oz
Shelf Life Frozen: 180
Shelf Life Prepared: 3
Net Weight: 25.75
Gross Weight: 26
Case Width: 17″
Case Length: 17″
Case Height: 6″


  1. Remove the desired number of cookies from the freezer.
  2. Portion one ounce of frosting per cookie.
  3. Evenly spread frosting with a spatula.