Bakery Products

Bagel Dough

Very Berry Ultimate

Cranberry, raspberry and blueberry flavors provide this Ultimate bagel with a burst of berry tastes in each bite.

Blueberry Ultimate

No short cuts, and real flavors such as Wild Maine blueberries and real malt make this the Ultimate bagel.

Cheddar Cheese Ultimate

Soft and chewy Ultimate bagel with a strong cheddar cheese flavor.

11-Grain Ultimate

With eleven grains including red wheat, millet, barley, and flax this Ultimate bagel offers a great crunch.

Cinnamon Raisin Ultimate

Combination all natural ingredients like high gluten flour, California raisins, and imported Korintje cinnamon.

Jalapeño Ultimate

You'll get a kick out of the real jalapeño pepper in this Ultimate bagel.

Onion Ultimate

Real diced onions add extra flavor to make this Ultimate bagel one that bagel lovers love.

Plain Ultimate

All natural ingredients make this Ultimate bagel soft but chewy with just the right crust.

Asiago Ultimate

We use special high gluten flour, adding only natural ingredients and real Asiago cheese making this an Ultimate Bagel.