Bakery Products

Bread Dough

Crispy French Bread

Classic French bread with the finest ingredients no artificial colors or flavors.

Honeybee Roll

The sweet taste of natural honey and butter permeates our Honeybee Roll’s delicately layered dough. Butter and honey work in concert to bring out the natural sweetness of whole grains and give our roll a moist and fluffy texture.

Okole Rolls with Baking Trays

Our Hawaiian Island specialty now in an EZOven Tray. Upscale packaging, consistency, and simplification all in one tray!

Honeybee Rolls with Baking Trays

Our delicious Honeybee rolls now in an EZOven Tray. Thaw, proof, bake and retail all in one tray that provides uniform sizing and reliable baking!

Okole Rolls

Hawaiian sweet rolls with a hint of butter are incredibly moist and soft. Great as a dinner roll, sandwich roll or just butter and jam.

Onion Roll

Make your taste buds cry with joy, real onions and poppy seeds layered inside a soft sweet roll.