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Smores Gourmet

Imagine sitting around the campfire and enjoying a graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow snack, without having to put out a flaming marshmallow. This cookie recreates a classic, can I have Smore?

Mini PB Cup Gourmet

Yet again, Janey Lou's has paired up an invincible duo, chocolate and peanut butter, to blow your mind with this titillating treat.

Choc-O-Mac Gourmet

Take a taste of the tropics with this choice cookie. Fresh macadamia nuts, sweet coconut, and rich chocolate chips will carry you away to a paradisiacal island.

Caramel and Pecan Gourmet

This delicious cookie made with chewy caramel, fresh California pecans, real creamery butter and pure cane brown sugar leaves nobody indifferent.

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