Bakery Products

Sweet Rolls

Classic Sweet ZTF

Zero Trans Fat, that's right, ZTF ensure our dedication to using high quality ingredients and staying away from Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs).

Old Fashioned

Cinnamon rolls should "unroll", right? If you agree then the Old Fashioned is your roll!


We believe this is the best cinnamon roll anywhere. Thin layers of dough and more of our special cinnamon smear made with imported Korintje cinnamon and pure cane brown sugar. It simply doesn't get better than this.

Cinnamon Roll RTO

Refrigerator-To-Oven, eliminates the proofing process, making it faster and easier to enjoy these delicious rolls.

Cinnamon Roll Gourmet

A true expression of gourmet, this roll unrolls easily and it's thin strips of dough layered with our very special Korintje cinnamon smear is the cinnamon roll that any connoisseur will delight in.

Orange Roll RTO

We do it right because we do it simply, by combining high quality ingredients in an artisan fashion. New Orange RTOs prove that, as Refrigerator-To-Oven makes it delicious and simple to bake.

Raspberry RTO

New Raspberry RTOs prove that simple and delicious is as easy as combining fine ingredients with expertly made Refrigerator-To-Oven dough.